Sustainability is not an environmental assessment; rather, it is high quality in every aspect.
Tanned with olive leaves extract (wet- green process) which is a waste material produced during olive harvest.
Sustainable natural fibre that doesn‘t require pesticides or fertilizers. Kapok fibres are used unprocessed and are particularly hypoallergenic.
more uses only slow-grown solid wood from sustainable forests.
Visible belting made from natural
flax fibers.
Slow grown solid wood
Wood is the main component of more furniture. We’re still fascinated by its life, warmth and individuality. No two pieces are alike in their feel, structure or grain, and this makes each of our pieces of furniture unique.
more uses only slow grown solid wood from sustainable forests in Europe. Our longstanding partnerships and the trust we have in our sawmills – which guarantee the regional origin of our wood and the respect of strict forestry legislation – are more important for us than a cluster of certificates (e.g. FSC), which have been hea- vily criticised by Greenpeace and Robin Wood. Do contact us if you have questions on this.
Oak, walnut, ash or cherry. Careful drying is vital to the production of highquality, longlasting furniture. The timber used by more is airdried for two long years. When its humidity levels have dropped to 16%, it is moved to a special chamber with controlled air humidity, where the process is completed. Only when humidity levels fall to 8 - 12% is the wood ready for further processing.
The wood is then sanded laboriously, to produce particularly fine and long-lasting surfaces. If requested, these can be varnished. As a rule, however, we treat the wood with hard wax oil from natural raw materials. These oils produce a slight shine, emphasise the structure and protect the wood, without sealing it completely. The material can breathe, stays alive, retains its authentic character and, over the years, becomes more beautiful with use.
Naturally tanned leather
The leather used by more for our chairs, armchairs and benches is produced in Germany, Britain and Austria. It is tanned in Italy and Spain. This allows our customers to choose an innovative, 100% sustainable process based on olive leaves. This naturally produced and fully biodegradable tanning agent makes for leather which is durable, supple and as soft as possible on the skin.
Tanning with natural olive leaf extract gives us leather with excellent properties

A positive sustainability side effect: while in the past, millions of tons of leaves left over from the European olive harvest were burnt, now they can be put to good use.
Just like wood, we love leather for its individuality and authenticity. Instead of fully covering the surface with pigments, we dye our leather with soluble colours, a process which retains the natural marks and pores of the hide.
Fabrics with robust natural fibres
We source our fabrics in Sweden, Italy and England. We’re especially keen on exciting combinations. Combining pure new wool and ramie, for example, gives a particularly fine, distinctive structure and feel. The materials, moreover, absorb the dye in different ways, which gives the fabric visual interest and depth.
Ramie, also known as China grass, is a fibrous plant largely grown in Asia and which has been used for thousands of years. It can be produced without pesticides or irrigation. The fibres are very stable and naturally white, so there is no need for costly bleaching.
Upholstery from renewable raw materials
Even for those parts of our furniture which will not normally be seen, we give clear priority to the use of natural and sustainably produced materials. These are almost always renewable raw materials. As well as coir, we use kapok. The fibres of the so-called silk-cotton tree are extremely light, and also, due to their lignin content, very strong. They are water-repellent, breathable and have a low cellulose content. All these physical and chemical factors provide natural protection against bacteria, mites and moths.
We will gladly take the time to answer any questions you may have about our products. Certificates are available on request.